'Blood Hunger' Origins

This is for anyone who is curious about my novel.

Blood Hunger actually came from this dream I had way back in High School while I was finishing up my Harry Potter Fan Fiction. This dream had nothing to do with Vampires and even less to do with Witches. In fact, only angels and shadow creatures were in the novel.

So when I woke up the next day I jolted the entire dream down, turning it into a short story titled 'Light in the Dark' and then entered it into a writing contest because I was so cocky and thought it was the best thing around. Then again, I was in high school, what did I know.

After looking at my short story and analyzing it, so many ideas came to mind and I decided to add the Witches and the Vampires, the Angles and the Shadowlings.

The winged creatures looked like a cross between Angels and Faires in my dream so I wrote them down as such and tried to design them like that in my novel. The Shadowlings I wanted to take after the Black Lanterns. I was writing the novel when the DC Comics story arc BLACKEST NIGHT came out.

There was also this idea of light and darkness that I wanted to play with alongside the idea of the world neither being black and white but rather grey. Everyone is capable of good and evil so I wanted to make it a more visual aspect in the novel.

it's ready and I'm so excited to share my work with others.That's how Blood Hunger formed and it took 5 years, but I finally believe

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