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Hey there! So I know that I haven't been "here" lately. My life has been very hectic lately but I am working hard on editing the third and final novel in the Eclipsing Trilogy. I'm working hard, the cover is done. Woo! I'm very excited about it, super excited actually because that means that I am just one step closer to launching the book and one step closer to starting up my publishing company and building it from the bottom up. I'm so excited about that! But what I want to create a stronger presence online to connect with you, my readers.

Right now I want to share with you the cover of the third novel. And I would like to hear your thoughts about it. I like it, but I am biased and I have had some positive feedback regarding the cover. I'm still trying to build my graphic design experience. But I think it matched the theme of books 1 and 2 which is important to me. Maybe for second edition when I have a little more to spend I will be able to create something a little more "mainstream".

But here is the cover of the third novel Soul Drinker. I hope you guys like it and keep a lookout because I will be having a Giveaway of the book soon that may even include books 1 & 2 and one that is solely book 3.

Soul Drinker (Eclipsing Trilogy #3)

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