Future Playlists Coming UP

So many books nowadays have playlists attached to them because for many of us writers, music is a key source of inspiration. I'm no exception. I love music, all types of music and lately I've been listening to music more than I have in the past few months and as I sit there reading or writing, if there is a song out there that makes me think of a particular book I'm writing, I take note. I screenshot it, I quickly jolt down the artist and title and the novel it makes me think of.

This has given me the idea to create playlists for my books. Don't know why it took me so long to even think about it when there are others out there that do it. So hopefully by the time I'm done editing Soul Drinker, I will have a list all put together to attach to the end of the novel and incorporate it to the ebook versions, whether as links or QR codes. I'm excited about this new take and I hope you are to. Working on the playlists as we speak, but stay tuned or Blood Hunger and Thought Seeker playlists coming soon to Spotify.

All the best,


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