The bond between Selene and Eris is failing 

and while one finds the light, the other falls to the darkness…


Thought Seeker

(Eclipsing Trilogy, #2)


Throught the centuries, the Sintas Siblings havesurvived the darkness. But the worst is not over. She of the Darkness has always had a plan, and she has waited centuries to put it into play, watching her sister, She of the Light, fall for her tricks. Shira, the Shadowling, a young witch with the face of a killer and the secrets and seeds of doubt are blossoming, much to her delight. With her sinsister plan, she moves her pieces across the board, bringing back some of  Selene's darkest memories and Eris's darkest moments.


Selene and Eris's bond will be put to the test in this sequel to BLOOD HUNGER, within the past lies the key that will either destroy or save the Siblings as they discover that lies and secrets are the dealiest weapons one has.


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